Cruise Moab, brought to you by Rising Sun 4WD Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Cruise Moab headquarters?

We are staging Cruise Moab at Slickrock Campground in Moab. The campground is located on the main highway, one mile south of the Colorado river.

What trails will be available for trail runs?

We will be running all those great trails that you have come to enjoy (or have heard about) at Cruise Moab. New for 2015: This year we are adding Jax Trax and The Pickle.

What's the price of Cruise Moab 2015? What does it include?

The price of basic registration is $175. Registration includes participation in the whole Cruise Moab event, including guided trail runs, vendor night, our famous Friday night dinner and raffle (including ticket for 1 dinner), one (1) 2015 event sticker and one (1) 2015 event t-shirt. Registration is per vehicle: if you have passengers, you only need to register once.

What's not included in the price of Cruise Moab 2015?

Here are the items that will be added to your registration price:

Here are some items that you can purchase when you're in Moab:

Why is TLCA membership required to participate in Cruise Moab?

Cruise Moab is a TLCA sanctioned event. We could not have Cruise Moab without the affordable insurance that TLCA makes available to us. All registrants at TLCA sanctioned events must be current TLCA members. Click here to join TLCA or renew your membership.

Is the price of camping at Slickrock Campground included in my registration fee?

No. You'll need to pay for camping yourself. Slickrock campground has lots of options for different campsites, so visit their website to see where you can stay.

Do I need to make my own reservations at Slickrock Campground?

Yes, you need to make reservations yourself. You should do so online at your earliest opportunity.

Do I have to stay at Slickrock Campground to participate in Cruise Moab?

No, not at all. Many participants choose to stay in a local Moab hotel or condo. Some folks even camp at different campgrounds nearby.

What is Area BFE? Is it part of Cruise Moab?

While Area BFE is not an official part of Cruise Moab this year, it's still open and better than ever. For some serious hard-core wheeling, check out the Area BFE website.


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