Camping at Cruise Moab

Camping is available right at the Old Spanish Trail Arena!

We’re bringing in showers and extra toilets so you can camp right on the race track at the Old Spanish Trail Arena. That means you’ll be steps away from all the fun, and can share a campfire with Cruiserheads from all over the U.S. and world.

  1. Ground Tents: If you’re camping in a tent on the ground, cost will be $20/night. There is a designated camping area just for ground tent campers. You can place your ground tent on the soft dirt of the horse racetrack. You may park your rig in the center of the racetrack if there is space available or in the parking lot. No reservations are needed — just show up. As a participant, you may leave your ground tent set up for the entire event, no need to take it down each day.
  2. Dry Camping: This is the main category of typical campers at Cruise Moab. It includes everything from sleeping in your vehicle to sleeping in a roof-top tent to a 53′ fifth wheel that doesn’t need hookups. Every kind of camping other than a ground tent or a camper that is hooked up to electricity falls into this category. Cost is $30/night. No reservations are needed — just show up.
  3. Camping with water & power hookups: If you’d like to bring an RV and get water/power hookups, cost will be $35/night. To make a reservation, contact the Old Spanish Trail Arena at (435) 259-6226. Please note that there are limited spots available with hookups.

For any other questions, send an email to We’ll usually get back to you within a day.

Why camp at Cruise Moab?

  1. Hang out with friends both new and old around our nightly campfire.
  2. Drink a few beers and walk back to your campsite without having to get behind the wheel (Utah DUI laws are strict).
  3. Save money — Moab lodging ain’t cheap, and this is super inexpensive camping!

If you’re interested in camping somewhere else, here are a couple more options near Cruise Moab HQ (see map below):

  1. Moab KOA Campground – about 0.6 miles from HQ (a 10-minute walk or a very short drive)
  2. OK RV Park – about 0.3 miles from HQ (you could easily walk over but you might choose to drive)

Official Cruise Moab Camping Map

map of Cruise Moab event area